Assamese Clerics issue fatwa against singer Naheed Afreen !!!

Pi Bureau :


Guwahati : In an another hatred and intolerant spreading atmosphere,   forty-six Muslim clerics in Assam have issued a fatwa against singer Naheed Afreen, who was the first runner-up in the 2015 season of a musical reality TV show, asking her to stop performing in public as music is un Islamic.

Naheed Adreen 16, an upcoming singer who was first runner in a musical reality TV show in 2015 faced threats and wrath muslim clerics over her performance in public. Naheed Afreen 16, is a young singer and a student of class X who lives in Biswanath Chariali.

The local police is looking into the whole matter.

Polics said they were investigating whether the fatwa was a reaction to Naheed recently performing songs against terrorism, including the Islamic State terror group. “We are looking at this angle as well,” ADG (special branch) Pallab Bhattacharya said.

Pamphlets bearing the fatwa in Assamese and the names of the clerics were distributed across Hojai and Nagaon districts in central Assam on Tuesday.

According to the fatwa, a March 25 programme at Udali Sonai Bibi College in Lanka, Assam, where Naheed, 16, is scheduled to perform is “against the Sharia” – “ un Islamic as per the clerics.


“If anti-Sharia acts like musical nights are held on grounds surrounded by masjids, idgahs, madrassas and graveyards, our future generations will face the wrath of the mighty Allah,” fatwa said.

The upcoming singer Afreen, broke down on hearing news of the fatwa. “I am speechless. I think my music is God’s gift to me. I will never bow down to it (such warnings and threats ) and never leave singing,” Afreen said.


When talked to her mother, she said “The organisers of the musical show told us that the programme on March 25 will not be cancelled.” Police addirmed and said Naheed and her family would be provided security cover.

Naheed Afreen is gaining popularity day by day via her MUSIC performance in Assam