Juliet squirming in her grave !!!

Virendra Singh Rawat

Political commentator and satirist


Juliet is anguished…and not without reason!


Romeo and Juliet, the classic Shakespearean tale about love and tragedy in the Victorian period, is being rewritten in a faraway land of the Ganges.


In the immortal saga, the two love birds had embraced self-inflicted death than concede to separating from each other.


In the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh, the ‘anti-Romeo’ squad of UP Police is let loose with prying eyes on romantic couples getting ‘too close for comfort’ or just hanging around without ‘rhyme or reason’.


On spotting such couples, especially near derelict and desolate pads, the squad swoops upon the unsuspecting dreamy-eyed duo, separating Romeo from Juliet!


No prizes for guessing, that these dedicated posse of cops were instituted to curb rampant eve-teasing around girls’ colleges and market places, which automatically become hangout zones for some out of work or overenthusiastic teenaged boys, sometimes grownups as well.


Yet, unwittingly or otherwise, the genuine couples do, and have, sometimes been at the receiving end of this stern policing.


Alas! In such cases, the Juliet has to bear the pain of not just separating, although temporarily, from her legitimate Romeo, she has to witness him being subjected to intense quizzing by the police.


Add to that, the prospect of the cops apprising the girl’s family of her day out…which simply exposes her secret love interest to all and sundry!


Juliet is truly heartbroken and puzzled!


Earlier, Juliet had to be content with her name being linked to the Punjabi ‘Jatt’ in the popular Punjabi film franchisee of ‘Jatt & Juliet’ as well.


Seems, Juliet has no respite in destiny, even after death, and has to squirm in her grave. Mercy