India’s 70th Independence day makes a Pakistani girl happy !!

(Pi Bureau)

India on Sunday decided to grant visa to a 25-year-old Pakistani cancer patient Tanveer, for treatment. Tanveer tweeted to Foreign Minister,Shushma Swaraj and urged for granting the visa on her medical ground.

Her tweet was:-

“Ma’am, you are like [a] mother to me, please issue me a medical visa… [and] help me on this happy occasion of 70th year of independence. Thank you,” Tanveer had tweeted earlier on Sunday.

In response ,Shushma also tweeted positively …


Sushma Swaraj 


Thanks for your greetings on India’s Independence day. We are giving you the visa for your treatment in India. …

10:58 PM – Aug 13, 2017


Now, Tanveer would  receive treatment at the Inderprastha Dental Col­lege and Hospital  in Ghaziabad for a recurrent ameloblastoma, a cancerous oral tumour which is aggressive in nature.

Earlier,the Indian Embassy had rejected Tanveer’s medical visa application in July, citing deteriorating relations between the two countries.